TEP Services strives to arm the civilians, and professional security and Law Enforcement Officers the tools needed to ensure the survival of themselves, their family, friends, and those they are sworn to protect in the US and abroad. Our focus is aimed at offering high-quality, moderately priced survival training, no matter the age, gender or profession, and professional security services for personal and high-value asset protection. The ending goal is to ensure every student will leave each session with more knowledge and confidence than before, and create an environment where our clients feel protected to conduct business and trust their property is secure.

You’re only as good as you train, and always say to yourself “What’s My Next Move?”

TEP Services was established in 2010. With a cadre of instructors who’s experience level is beyond the norm, we have over 100 years combined Law Enforcement and instructor experience. We are Certified Instructors in Firearms, Martial Arts, CPR/1ST AID/AED and other Tactical life saving techniques. We have trained Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers (local, state and federal), Security Officers, Deployment Groups, as well as Private Individuals. All Instructors have deployed and trained abroad, and able to teach to any skill level. My Instructors are also armorers in many weapon platforms. My training focuses on real world scenarios and survival, as well as shooting at static targets for department qualifications. We also instruct reality based defensive measures for survival and can teach to any individual or group skill level.

We Consider TEP Services a TOTAL LIFE PRESERVATION company, having the ability to teach both Defensive Tactics as well as Medical life saving techniques. We’re dedicated to helping those who cannot help themselves, and to the others who have the desire, drive, and ability to help someone in need. Our methods and techniques are taught as if the student will be the reason whether “we” survive. We want to help our students Find A Way or Make One using basic fundamentals and allow them to advance and grow into the Hero/Protector they long to be. We see ourselves becoming one of the premier training organization in the states and abroad. We strive to arm our students with the latest and most practical survival concepts, and we are able to customize our courses to the need of the client. Our motto is: “Train – Survive, Live, Win”, because we facilitate optimal TRAINING, instilling the knowledge to SURVIVE, enhance decision-making skills to LIVE, and give you the tools and confidence you need to WIN

 TEP Services has and will train across the US and bring the latest and greatest life preserving techniques to you!

Owner/Lead Instructor

Former Law Enforcement Officer with 18+ years of experience. Federal law enforcement 2010-2019: During this time with this DoD agency, I was tasked to play an intricate role in the successful organization of a Tactical Response Team, as SWAT Team Leader and then SWAT Commander. Prior experience came from 9 years of local law enforcement working in one of the most dangerous cities in America. Of those years, 7 were spent on the city’s Police SWAT Team completing over 200 tactical missions, I was unit lead on  Street Crimes, made over 400 drug and warrant arrests, and spent hundreds of hours working DUI/DWI enforcement. Associates degree in Electronic Engineering with several years of managerial and technical experience. Throughout my law enforcement career I have attended and successfully completed two, 1 federal and 1 local, law enforcement training academies, 4 Dignitary/Executive/High Risk Environment Protection courses, 2 Basic SWAT courses, and several other federal advanced courses, which all included firearms, tactics, Executive Protection, hand to hand assault/counter-assault and advanced driving.  Team leader for Protective Detail and motorcade movements while overseas in hostile territory from 2013-2014, Kabul Afghanistan.

I have received several instructor certifications to include: 

National Rifle Association Instructor, Law Enforcement and Civilian

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Service Instructor                                                                                      01 Security Officer Core Subjects 

                05 Armed Security Officer Arrest Authorities

                07 Handgun

                08 Shotgun

                09 Advanced Firearms/PPS

                10 Patrol rifle

                32 Personal Protection Specialist

                75 Security Officer Handgun           

American Heart Association 1st Aid/CPR/AED and Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor


TACMED Instructor

Federal LEO Firearms Instructor

Active Shooter Instructor

Less Than Lethal Weapon/Flash Sound Distraction Device Instructor

Maryland Wear/Carry and HQL Instructor

TN Conceal Carry Instructor

Basic/Advanced Tactics Instructor

Rappel Master/Instructor


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